Sunday, April 25, 2010


my side of a conversation with my brother
i feel like today is a dream
idk why i cant get this out of my head i feel like today isn't real
i feel like i dont know what my emotions are
mom keeps asking me if i'm hungry and if i'll take cookie out and all these things
and i just say ok
but i ahve no idea what shes asking me
i just say yes then i'm like what
i'm so confused
i feel bland
i hung out with the most awkward group of people today and i felt like i wasn't there i felt like everything i was saying was so weird
i feel like all these words im typing dont mean anything sorry if i'm boring you
i feel like everything is in slow motion wow. like spring break is over and now what? i ahve to go back to reality i feel like this is a really weird transition
i feel like i'm fake tripping
like you literally have nothing to do
it's like OH i know!!! it's like you know when you're really bored and you feel so boring like out of your mind
i feel like that but with my emotions like my emotions arebored they need a break
its like i was just on a constant high so now that i'm in reality nothing is real
just not having fun all the time like reality as in your daily ritual like get up early work/school whatever come home have to do this have to do that
when you're on break you do what you want when you want

this man takes phenomenal photos

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

my bite out of the big apple

now that i have finally had a chance to upload all my weekend photos to the computer, i can write about it.
over my three day weekend, my parents and i spent two nights in new jersey just over the washington bridge which connects to manhattan. we spent the entire two days in manhattan. on day one we explored uptown: times square, central park, 5th avenue.

but personally, day two was far more exciting. we walked around soho, noho, east village, union square..

i've come to the conclusion that new york is where i want to be in the future. so much left to explore. two days definitely was not enough.

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