Tuesday, December 22, 2009

winter break

it's winter break. two of my best friends, brigitte and ailinh, are out of town. my other best friend is with her boyfriend. brigitte and ailinh came over on friday, brigitte brought me a lava lamp. we watched it for a very long time and it was incredible to watch. i went to the mall too many times but wasn't satisfied any of those times. i finished my book, scar tissue, on the first day of break. i finished my octopus drawing on day two of break. it's a christmas gift for ailinh. it is now day 5 and i have nothing else to do. i could work on my english assignment, to finish 80 pages of farewell to arms, but decided against that. so i've been sitting around. today i came up with the brilliant idea to build a fort. i'm sitting in it now, so is my new lava lamp. i will find something nice to draw so i can draw in here.


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