Saturday, January 30, 2010

bedroom with orange and green bathroom vs bedroom with attic and roof

bedroom with orange and green bathroom wins
the attic was too small for me and the roof was dangerously steep
how can someone resist a green toilet and shower anyway?

what the hell am i to make of this little room? for now it is my hamper room. which is not a hamper, rather a basket. note: i can not stand up inside for i am too tall.

my dog officially likes me/my room. he sleeps with my every night! awwwww

wow! it's me that he likes, he followed me all the way upstairs. adorable

auuuuuu au au auuuuuuuu

connecticut did not exactly meet up to my expectations. it is not warmer than chicago, i am completley disconnected from pop culture. i have been watching movies and reading books and grocery shopping costs way too much money. my mom and i have yet to find decently priced foods.
the cold and snow does not give me motivation to explore with my dog outside. the family of bears that lives on the hill behind my house does not give me motivation to explore with my dog outside when there is no cold and snow. i am trapped.
my computer has a virus so i can not download music like gorillaz's new album plastic beach, i crave those soundwaves.
however, i am excited for the moderately warm weather so i can star gaze. the sky is amazing at night. this week, the full moon, dead trees, and clouds create a haunted type of scenery. or a view that would include a howling wolf.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

for dinner, my parents and i ate at a restaurant where the average age of all customers was, eh, around 90 years old. for the second day in a row i stood up and couldn't find the bathroom. this time, an old man pointed for me. i thanked him. as i walked out in the direction of my table, he turns and says, "5 bucks for directions." i laughed and thanked him again. i then received my stuffed bell peppers and when i was finished, i observed the group dining at the table next to me and stared at a long haired lady compulsively count and organize and recount and reorganize the stack of cash that was to be left for the waitress. i was quite amused.

Friday, January 22, 2010

new home

my dog seems excited..

closet, orange bathroom on first floor?

or attic, tiny closet, roof access on second floor?

either way, i'll probably be scared at night. there is a movie called haunting in connecticut, you know.

Monday, January 18, 2010


i am never going to sleep in my house again. i wish that on the day we're supposed to get on that plane my parents would go "just kidding!" i would appreciate this town so much more. everything is in boxes and tomorrow everything will be in a a truck heading to the middle of nowhere. our new home will be 2 hours north of new york, 2 hours south of boston, and everything in between is trees trees trees. i keep having all these expectations. i hate expectations. i keep imagining what type of friends i'll make, how fast i'll make them, if i'll find any cool places around my house, how i'll decorate my room, when i'll come back and visit, will i find a cool job, yadda yadda. i need to get my mind off everything. when i arrive and have no friends and nothing to do, my goals are to learn guitar, go to the gym every day, buy a record player, and find a job. i better not sit on my ass all day and do nothing. but we'll see how that goes.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

no place like home

these are some of the last pictures i'll be taking in this house.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

fort II

a ceiling tile fell while we took the fort down, it was worth it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

one two three nope

fantastic day today! except for my process of waking up. having someone storm in on you while in deep sleep to ask to go somewhere you don't want to go is not enjoyable. an hour later, i got a call asking, "what are you doing today?" so from noon to 5:30 i went to avni's house where we talked about vinyls, success, greed, che guevara, india, and played set with her cousin and uncle. got picked up by my brother and was dropped off straight at cara's house. we just kicked it and made a spongebob chia pet and made fun of her fat cat.

got picked up at 10 and went straight back to avni's house to watch rushmore. direction=fantastic. story, okay. i didn't get it as much as avni. finally came home after 12 hours, fingers twitching to pet my doggyyyy... who is at my neighbor's :(

Thursday, January 7, 2010

snow snow snow

walking home from the bus stop, i faced an extreme decision that had to be made. should i walk on the poorly plowed street or on the clean sidewalk but risk having the next property's sidewalk not be shoveled? i decided to take the sidewalk since my shoes were not so waterproof.. as i reached the end of the straight away, i had to cross the street. however, the snow plow trucks made a mountain of snow right over what used to be a patch of grass that i walked across. i stood there wondering what i should do. i turn around to see my neighbor who was walking behind me. we both observed the situation for a while and he walked right through, making foot prints for me to step in. i thanked him and reached my house with my shoes, socks, and feet, dry. successssss

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