Thursday, August 12, 2010

grocery shopping

today i went grocery shopping with my mother. as she and i were finishing up in the self check out line, something -like always- went wrong. as my mother and a sales clerk went back to the chicken isle to get the right deal of chicken breast, i observed the isle over. a child sat in the toy car attatched to the shopping cart. a man pushed the cart towards the woman ahead, as if the child was hers. she said "oh, this isn't my child" the man, confused, replied with "oh, he's not mine either. i wonder where his mother is." then to the child- "where's your mom, kid?" he looked over at me where i grinned at the unusual situation. the woman who claimed the child wasn't hers then put her shopping bags in the cart along with the child. i was confused. the man looked over at me with a very puzzled face. i then could not stop laughing.

as we were headed back to our car, my mother had her hand on the back door handle as i fished for the keys. once i got them, i pressed the unlock button and i heard the "beep beep" from a distance. my mom and i did not acknowledge that the car we were at did not beep as it should have. my mom attempted opening the door anyways with no luck. we looked at each other and realized we were at the wrong car.

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