Wednesday, May 9, 2012


i went to see bassnectar in boston on wednesday, april 18th. after the show, i was handed numerous flyers with different events happening that weekend. everything seemed to be happening on this weekend. it was overwhelming. "reefer madness" festival, shpongle, bassnectar, shpongle again, bassnectar again, some ridiculous trance rave, bassnectar after party, some other ridiculous rave. but amongst all these flyers, i also received one sticker. no time, no date, just an image of a computer graphic colorful mushroom cloud. and in the top left corner, three lowercase letter: tmc.
now, i have been fond of stickers lately, however i don't like applying them anywhere until it's suitable. my "no farms no food" sticker is now on my laptop, and it took a couple months for me to finally put my "colorado state university" sticker on my window. so this tmc sticker has been sitting on my desk for a few weeks now, and it is now slowly coming into action. i googled it, google imaged it, but nothing. i typed "bassnectar" after it. nothing. then i thought i found it, a dj, soundcloud, 23, from london. but i kept searching to make sure. (i was wrong) finally i typed in "tmc band" on google. nothing. google images? scroll down... i see the mushroom cloud logo. i click the image and click "website for this image". The Mushroom Cloud. i discover what the acronym stands for. The Mushroom Cloud. i find their youtube page. they're a band from CT. and they're good. really good.

The Mushroom Cloud

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