Saturday, January 9, 2010

one two three nope

fantastic day today! except for my process of waking up. having someone storm in on you while in deep sleep to ask to go somewhere you don't want to go is not enjoyable. an hour later, i got a call asking, "what are you doing today?" so from noon to 5:30 i went to avni's house where we talked about vinyls, success, greed, che guevara, india, and played set with her cousin and uncle. got picked up by my brother and was dropped off straight at cara's house. we just kicked it and made a spongebob chia pet and made fun of her fat cat.

got picked up at 10 and went straight back to avni's house to watch rushmore. direction=fantastic. story, okay. i didn't get it as much as avni. finally came home after 12 hours, fingers twitching to pet my doggyyyy... who is at my neighbor's :(

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