Saturday, January 23, 2010

for dinner, my parents and i ate at a restaurant where the average age of all customers was, eh, around 90 years old. for the second day in a row i stood up and couldn't find the bathroom. this time, an old man pointed for me. i thanked him. as i walked out in the direction of my table, he turns and says, "5 bucks for directions." i laughed and thanked him again. i then received my stuffed bell peppers and when i was finished, i observed the group dining at the table next to me and stared at a long haired lady compulsively count and organize and recount and reorganize the stack of cash that was to be left for the waitress. i was quite amused.

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  1. you told me about this event! i love the pictures and the setup. but i think its cut off. i want to see it in huge form! i think i might buy those shoes hwahaha copycat


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