Thursday, February 18, 2010

cha ching

after arguing back and forth screaming, "just park here!" "mom there is one in front of the doors!" "just do whatever!" "jeez, relax." we parked. my mom needed hair dye.. she's getting old and would be embarrassed if she read this. then she had a craving for dove chocolates. we got to the easter aisle with bunny eggs everywhere, not that bunnies lay eggs but that's the way it goes. "where are the dove eggs.. dove.. chocolate.." she's been talking to herself a lot lately. "what is this!? they are cut in half!!! this is ridiculous! it's because of the economy." she gets one and so do i. we proceed to the cash register where i slide my debit card and make a few extra cents with this new "get money back" that my bank has. total is $9.18. i make 82 cents. but then my mom says, "aren't i supposed to get one dollar back?" the cashier is confused. "the sign by the dye said that i save one dollar." she still doesn't get it. she starts flipping through the coupon packet. "yeah, i think you are supposed to get that but i don't know how it works.." she calls over one of the (younger, more alert) workers. "no, no, it's okay, that's fine," my mom says. but the cashier insists, "no, it's fine, it's easy." so as the other worker approaches my mom explains to him what happened. and he says, "you don't get one dollar back, the product is a dollar cheaper." but my mom (who said she didn't care, "that's fine") re-explains it to him "but the sign said" ectcetera ectcetera... "let me ring you up over here" we walk half way down the store so he can give us a dollar. by then the chocolate is in our stomachs. "do you have the receipt with you?" he asks. "i think i do," i answered him. i checked my wallet and while i do i ask my mom, "didn't i give it to you?" she checks hers. after a few seconds i find it. but it's the supermarket receipt. i laugh. i've been laughing this whole time because it's been 6 minutes and we've been trying to get back a dollar. i finally find it, hand it to him, we walk out of the store with empty wrappers, an extra dollar, and hair dye.

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