Wednesday, February 17, 2010

wade's farm fresh

nomnomnom this place is so pretty. most of the food is grown there or from local farms. but it's winter so i don't know how they do it, actually. i said to the cashier, "all supermarkets should be like this" and he said, "yeah but they have a different agenda than we do. it used to be like this 40 years ago." so i said, "too bad it isn't anymore." after he slid my debit card i asked, "should i put in the pin number?" and he said, "no this is an old school machine. but it's the 21st century, at least we have a machine" then he said, "please sign your autograph right here" so i go, "haha, autograph." "everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame."
ohhhhhh what a sense of humor he has. ^^

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